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We address each aspect of the IT lifecycle, designing and managing projects from pre-deployment configuration and storage all the way through to asset disposal and remarketing. Our service offering is tailored to each customer's requirement, providing the best outcomes in each circumstance. We understand that each customer is different, and we work closely with stakeholders in each engagement to get a better understanding of the challenges faced by an organisation. Our customised solutions and project managers can be used to extend the capability/capacity of in-house IT teams to deliver effective solutions. Whether you require technical configuration or basic warehousing pre-deployment tasks, Industry Trading can provide the means to prepare your fleet for shipment to final installation locations around the country. Services include: Warehousing and Storage; Asset Tagging and Tracking; BIOS Modification; Imaging; Electrical Safety Testing. Centralising pre-deployment services prior to delivery is a great way to reduce onsite installation times which not only adds value to the overall service but reduces end-user impact and downtime. Contact Us today to find a solution that best suits your needs. DEPLOYMENT With a National network of service technicians, Industry Trading is well-equipped to supplement, or act as your deployment team. Appropriately skilled technicians can complete basic, bulk swap outs through to comprehensive, one-off installations as per the solution that best suits your needs. Pre and post-deployment activities can also be seamlessly included as part of the deployment process, creating a ‘just in time' scenario where equipment arrival and removal occurs in synchronisation with deployment tasks. This approach ensures that there is minimal disruption to end-users and leads to a positive deployment experience. ASSET RECOVERY Industry Trading offers national logistics coverage through our extensive network of industry specialist partners and our own transport fleet. Whether transporting new equipment to site for deployment or removing End of Lease or End of Life equipment, Industry Trading can move your equipment to where it needs to be. SECURE DATA ERASURE Your data is your intellectual property (IP) and its security is of the upmost importance. At Industry Trading we offer two forms of data destruction:

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